We streamline after hour events for companies and groups.

EarlyTab is a drink ticket tracking tool for events.

what we do for you.
Exclusive Discounts

We have relationships in place with local venues to save you money.

Distribute Tickets

We handle the distribution and redemption of drink tickets.

Guests will know exactly which items are on the menu.

Track Everything

We keep track of every order that occurs at your event.

We have all the information you need to make submitting an expense reports painless.

How it works.

We distribute drink tickets to anyone attending your event. Tickets can be linked to any email, phone or Facebook account for use by your guests when they arrive.

Event organizers can also distribute tickets as needed before and during the event.


When your attendees arrive they get access to their drink tickets with the EarlyTab app.

Guests can easily transfer drink tickets amoungst themselves if allowed.


Attendees view all available drink options.

When they're ready to order they follow the instructions and show the bartender their device screen.


During the event we keep track of guest orders and expenditure in real-time.

Guest-by-guest order totals and detailed tracking make for easy expense reports.

How much does it cost?

It's completely free to use EarlyTab to manage your event.

The venue I want isn't on EarlyTab.

Give us the details and we'll handle the discussion with the venue.

How do I get started?

Use Contact Us below and submit your details. We'll be in touch shortly to start the process of getting your event setup.

Throw Killer Events.

We've laid out two other scenarios that EarlyTab makes possible.

Team Happy Hour

Get group discounts at our locations.

You'd like to celebrate with your team after a successful launch. You need a venue, reasonably prices drinks and receipts for your expense report. EarlyTab connects you with a great venue, negotiates a discount for your group and gives you detailed report of who ordered what.

Drink Ticket Pre-Sale

Sell drink tickets for your event ahead of time.

You're throwing a fundraising party and want to get an idea about what your guests want to drink. Use drink ticket pre-sale numbers to predict what you need to stock up on.

Ready to Start Planning?

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